State of The Art – Murale Marries Natural and Artistic Impressions

Tiles is an endlessly gorgeous material and the world is now seeing an even greater variety in its appearance and applications. Murale by Nexure Ceramics LLP is a collection of tiles inspired by the natural trend.

5 Years

5 Reasons To Choose Tiles For Your Home

We at Nexure believe that our surface materials create conversation pieces with its aesthetics & durability. Nexure ensures a strict quality control process on its materials, and goes beyond the ordinary by offering a 15 year limited transferable warranty.

From our wide range of colours, formats, thicknesses & finishes comes our objective to make each project unique and allows for maximization of any spaces.

Easy Maintenance

Tiles are not only created and designed to withstand the heaviest of traffic, but also trouble-free. With just minimal maintenance, the beauty of tiles are maintained for the longest time. To clean floor tiles, simple sweeping, washing or spraying with your preferred tile cleaner is sufficient to make them look new. Floor stains like coffee, juice or grease can be easily cleaned with household cleaners or natural ingredients like white vinegar or baking soda.


A single piece of tile can withstand the average force of 1300 Newton – that’s equivalent to 132.6kg of weight force hitting on a piece of tile without breaking it. Porcelain tiles for example are highly compact, dry or dust pressed tiles at a high temperature of approximately over 1200◦ Celsius and are produced using high quality raw materials and specialised production techniques to ensure the durability. With proper installation, tiles can last for many years if they are well-maintained.

Environmentally Friendly & Allergen Free

Tiles are considered to be environmentally friendly. Being made from raw materials like clay and sand help reduce the amount of allergens in the household. Tiles have hard, solid surface that does not attract or hold on to dust or pollen. Debris or small particles that land on floor tiles are easily seen and can be cleaned up easily. Keeping the home environment free of irritating materials is made easy with tiles, thus making the home safer for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Tiles Can Withstand Water Better Than Other Floor Materials

Tiles, especially ceramic tiles are manufactured with a hard, protective layer at the top that makes it less susceptible to water and stains. This makes it perfect for rooms with high humidity conditions or homes built in areas with humid weather. For unglazed tiles, Nexure Ceramic tiles are mostly sealed to protect its surface making it non-porous. This is the main reason why tiles are most often used in wet areas like bathroom, kitchens, laundry rooms and swimming pool decks.

Better Investment Value

Using tiles for your home will definitely change the outlook and standpoint. Studies have shown that tiled homes tend to fetch a higher resale value compared to homes with other flooring methods. Regardless of how tiles are being used, whether it is a custom designed shower stall or a colourful backsplash in the kitchen, these tiled homes tend to have higher appraisal value. It’s durability also makes it a better long-term investment as tiles can last for many years.